RHS Show Garden Bottle Dandelion Clock – How to make one

This year I was asked to design and build a bottle dandelion clock for The Badger Beer Show Garden by garden design company Flemons Warland Designs who have been very successful at Hampton Court over the years winning Gold and Silver medals.

I love Dandelions’ and Dandelion Clocks and one night I had a dream about one. I was very inspired by my dream so the next day I designed and built this chair.  It is made out of mild steel and galvanized with a graphite paint finish.  It is a piece of out door furniture, so is completely weather proof.  It’s a very comfortable chair, and when sitting on it, it looks like you are having an incredible idea!!!!

bottle dandelion clock

A functional piece of art like my Dandelion chair can add a wonderful touch of uniqueness to any garden.

Anyway, back to the show garden… the Badger Beer Show Garden will be the first garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show to be sponsored by a brewery.

The Badger Beer Garden takes visitors on a gentle stroll through the Dorset countryside with a chance to sample Badger’s locally-brewed ales.  Within this beautiful garden, you will see some bottle dandelion clocks –  Badger Beer Bottle Dandelion clocks!

They look super cool and are very simple to make, so, here is how I made them:

First of all drink lots of beer!!!  You need to start collecting the bottles!


1  x  50mm hollow steel ball.

44  x  8mm steel round bar cut to 80mm lengths and tapered at one end on a grinding wheel so you can slide the silicone plugs over.

44  x  M8 self colour penny washers.

44  x  Pre drilled silicon tapered plugs (small hole).  I had these made for me by Component Force.


First you want to weld your washers onto your 8mm round bar.  Position them about the length of your silicon plugs from the non-tapered end, so about 30mm.

With chalk, you want to measure round the circumference of your ball 10 equally spaced marks – I do this by eye, but that is just how I work… organic!  Now you want to weld your first row of rods with washers to the ball.  So weld the non-tapered end of the round bar to the ball where you have put your chalk marks.

Now mark again in chalk, another 10 equally spaced marks but this time make sure the marks are positioned offset from the previous the first row. i.e. opposite the spaces. Again weld the round bar to these marks.

Next, do the same again but for just 6 rods, and finally just one in the middle.

Repeat this on the other side……………………………..10………6…….1 until the ball is fully covered.

I sprayed our bottle Dandelion bottle Clack with Galva spray, to prevent it rusting and give it a nice silvery colour through the clear glass.

Now you put all your silicon plugs on to your welded round bar.  Push them right up against the washers, so when you add your bottles, all the bottoms make a beautiful circle.

Finally add your bottles and watch your bottle dandelion clock come to life!

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