Bespoke Interior Metalwork

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic piece to bring a bespoke interior room to life, or a stylish accompaniment to your chosen theme, you can depend on Bex to design and create something subtly amazing to meet any brief for bespoke interior metalwork. Bex has always been inspired by textures, colours and materials, having started out in ceramics and textiles, later switching to the medium of metal, and incorporating these inspirations into her bespoke metalwork interiors. She can design either something simple, safe and clever or go crazy with her endless creative ideas. She has worked with the UK’s top interior designers to produce work that is pivotal to home and Category A office refurbishments.

Interior Metalwork Doors

Art Nouveau Door – This elegant door was created for a private bar room in a stately home. It is traditionally made, using classical blacksmithing techniques.

Designed by Bex Simon, it features the whiplash curls of the Art Nouveau style to give the bar a truly bespoke metalwork interior.

Interior Furniture

Copperfield Bench – Very much inspired by mid-century furniture, namely the tufted leather and button effect of the chesterfield sofa, this stylish piece looks like leather but is in fact copper.

The bespoke interior metalwork look is completed with the mid-century inspired hairpin legs, forged from steel and riveted on to the bench.

Metalwork Mirrors

Pondlife Mirror – In this case, the client wished to compliment some amazing interior design carp-patterned wallpaper, so Bex created this playful interiors piece. Using a stunning frame adorned with natural elements, the dragonfly and the carp, the mirror reflects and enhances the theme of the room.

Architectural Interiors

Hammered Sheet Panels – This client had a firm idea of what they wanted the piece to look like, but were keen to work with Bex, whose love of exploring texture and material led them eventually to this bespoke interior metalwork: hammered sheet panels in anodized aluminium, which have the effect of rippling water when you move past them.

Interior Accessories

Coat and Hat Stand – Taking the brief of an item in a very Art Nouveau style, Bex began experimenting with geometric shapes, ovals and triangles, and created this very playful piece.

Traditional blacksmithing techniques combined with fine art to create a bespoke interior metalwork piece with a real sense of moment.

Interior Lighting

Spring Lamp – Created for the BBC1 upcycling programme, Money For Nothing, this item was fashioned from some scrap car suspension springs.

After unravelling the high carbon steel, it was bent to form a large, mid-century inspired curved lamp, with a long steel arm set in a concrete base.

Commission Bespoke Interior Metalwork

If you would like to commission your own bespoke interior metalwork project, contact Bex and her team here.