If Only FX Magazine Feb 2018

FX Magazine – If Only… February 2018

It was great to recently feature again in FX Magazine.  This time it was their regular section “If Only…”, where designers are asked to come up with barking mad ideas, free of practical restraints and problems i.e. absolute freedom, regardless of budget, deadlines, awkward clients, gravity, practical obstacles etc.  The feature occupies the last page of every edition and this was my concept in FX Magazine, February 2018. I hope you enjoy it!

FX Magazine is the industry standard on all aspects of interior design within a business context. From corporate design to interior design in schools, it provides inspiration for interior designers in the form of architectural ideas, suggestions for materials, lighting and paint options, and includes interviews with some of the top designers in the business, with details of how certain spaces have been designed to work in the workplace.

Read the online version of the article here.

FX Magazine Feb 2018 If Only Bex Simon

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