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Art for Kitchens – the ‘art of the house

As I walked around Elvis Presley’s house, Pricilla said that the kitchen was the heart of the house. When friends and family stop by for a cup of tea or coffee we head straight for the kitchen.  The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach again leading us back to the kitchen.  When there is a party the coolest place is always the kitchen.  And of course we get creative all the time in the kitchen preparing and cooking our food to live.  We probably spend most of our time in the kitchen, but how do we introduce art in to this creative space?  I can’t help feel that we neglect to bring in art for kitchens.

art for kitchens in modern life

Around any house, we hang art on the walls or have sculptures on the shelf, or a beautiful vase given to us by Aunty Ethel, on the window sill, so why not in the kitchen?  This can of course be achieved with functional art; pieces that really are made with LOVE and look like they will be there forever!  Modern kitchens are the perfect canvas for sculptural art as they in some way resemble the blank clean walls of a gallery.

When we talk about art for kitchens, I mean products that have been designed with functionality and practicality in mind but also carry stunning sculptural form.  For example, take the BexSimon Velde Mug Tree with a stylized Art Deco top that transforms into an organic Art Nouveau base.  Watch your visitor’s envy as you take a mug off your stunning cast iron Mug Tree, that’s been elongated to become more elegant – practical, functional and sculptural.

BexSimon Cast Iron Mug Tree Black

BexSimon Cast Iron Mug Tree Black

Art for Kitchens – from old to new

The BexSimon range has been made from cast iron as it is a very traditional and beautiful material.  However, the design brings a new look to cast iron, a more contemporary, artistic look, and something that would be around for 100s of years.  Each piece is Forged with love and it really is Art for Kitchens.

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